What To Expect When A Buyer Requests A Home Inspection In Roanoke

To the buyer a home inspection makes perfect since, get a professional’s opinion of what needs fixed before making the purchase. But if you’re selling your house in Roanoke the inspection can invoke pure fear of what could be discovered in the process of your home being thoroughly examined.

A couple of weeks back I posted about a friend’s comment to me regarding this very process as they are trying to sell their Roanoke home. You can see that here: Selling Your House Should Not Be “Terrifying”. After waiting two weeks their results are in. Not good.

As I had feared, their older house showed obvious signs of wear and tear that the inspector immediately made note of. In fact the list was so long the potential buyers did not even request a credit to fix items, they just walked away from the contract.

Sadly this often happens, I don’t have any stats but I know this has happened to multiple friends and family members over the years. So much so I thought it worth while to layout some expectations from my experiences.

Inspection Contingency

Realtors will virtually always recommend an inspection to be completed for home buyers. And this is good advice. They are, after all, representing their clients best interests. This contingency is unfortunately an open door for a buyer to walk away from a deal. And if there is a hint of buyers remorse after reading the report they will walk out the open door.

Inspection Companies Are Not Created Equal

Just like any business, there are good ones and there are bad ones. One of my friends had to sue their inspector after they had missed some very obvious flaws in a house they purchased. They ended up paying for most of the repairs out of pocket.

Other inspectors go over the top to limit any liability on their part by over reporting. One such example from my family when they were trying to sell a home; the buyer’s inspector literally noted how many areas of their hardwood floor squeaked, albeit in a house that was almost 100 years old. The overall report was over 150 lines! The buyers walked.

More times than not the latter will cause a deal to fall apart. If you’re selling your house in Roanoke you are at the mercy of the buyer in deciding which of the above inspectors shows up at your door.

Selling To Journey Properties

As a professional home buyer in Roanoke we see many homes and we know very quickly what repairs need to be completed. How we operate:

  • We do not tie up your house in a contract that relies on lengthy inspections taking place.
  • We do not over emphasize potential problem areas (like a squeaky floor).
  • We do not expect you to fix anything.
  • We do an initial walk through where we collect information.
  • If we both agree on a price we will write up a contract.
  • We may ask for an opportunity to further explore potential problem areas before we schedule the closing. That’s it.

If you’re selling your house fast in Roanoke we can help make the process alarmingly quick when you’re ready. With all of our systems in place we keep the process moving and professional.


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