We Buy Houses Roanoke; The Five Steps JPHomeBuyers Takes To Help You Sell Your House Fast In Roanoke

We often get asked about how we buy houses fast in Roanoke so quickly. So we decided to show you the top five methods we use to be able to buy houses in as little as 9 days! The system we have built is broken down here so you know how we buy houses fast in Roanoke and help you sell your house fast in Roanoke!

So here you go, the five steps of how “We Buy Houses Roanoke”

1. No nonsense purchase contracts. Our purchase contracts are designed by our attorney to be straightforward and simple to understand. Because we are the buyer and you are the seller there is no middle man to protect. The traditional method of selling a house through an agent or Realtor requires a significant amount of legal language to protect the agent and their broker, not you, the seller. An agent I am friends with said the contract his broker uses is 17 pages long filled with legal language that requires substantial explanation. JPHomeBuyers contract is usually less than three pages and easily explained with minimum legal speak.

2. An abbreviated evaluation period. Within our contract we do ask for a short period to perform required evaluations of the property. This can vary from only a couple weeks or up to a month. If you compare this to the traditional method of selling through an agent you’ll find that JPHomeBuyers is much faster. In the traditional route you will be locked into a listing agreement for up to 6 months before you ever even get an offer. If you accept an offer during this listing period, you will be subject to whatever contingencies the buyer’s agent and you agree to. Those often, if not always, include multiple inspections and a clause allowing the buyer to back out based on those inspections. That means if the inspection notes something like gaps in your hardwood floors and the buyer doesn’t like it, they can back out. And yes, that actually happened to a family member when they were trying to sell their house. Some gaps in the hardwood floor in a hallway of their nearly 100 year old house cost them the sale.

3. An in-house evaluation with our buyer representative. Because we are the buyer we do not need to go find a third party home inspector to perform an inspection and we do not fall subject to an appraiser from a bank. This allows JPHomeBuyers to move very quickly in obtaining the information we need to verify the condition of your house. Traditionally inspections are performed by a third party contractor sought out and hired by the buyer or the buyer’s agent. Keep in mind too, these are scheduled around the inspector’s availability. Also you can plan on several more days after the inspection before the report is even made available to you. As far as appraisals, the bank gets these and they are based on the opinion of the person who performs them. Appraisers have formulas they use to calculate their values and they use local comparable sales data as well. But the biggest issue with the appraisal is that it can tank a sale with only days remaining before a closing if it is not what the bank requires.

4. Clearing the title through our attorney. This is standard with a traditional sale or selling to a cash home buyer like JPHomeBuyers. The bulk of transactions go smoothly through this process but when something does get snagged or slowed this is where it usually happens. We have another post where we explain the process of confirming a clear title we’ll link here. But for this post know that ANY lien against someone who is on title will attach to the property regardless of who is buying your house. That can include unpaid; medical bills, credit cards, judgements, child support, repo’d car, etc.

5. Closing on the date of your choice. This is one of the huge advantages of dealing with a cash home buyer. Traditionally the buyer controls when they want to close on your house. But when you are dealing with a cash home buyer like JPHomeBuyers you are in control of your closing date. Once the evaluation is done and the title is shown to be clear, we schedule the closing based on your needs. 

So there you have it. The five steps of how “We Buy Houses Roanoke.” You can see from these five steps we work fast and we have a system that allows JPHomeBuyers to help you sell your house fast in Roanoke.

If you need to sell a house fast in Roanoke we look forward to hearing from you and becoming your trusted solution. Thank you!

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