Selling Your House In Roanoke Should Not Be “Terrifying”

“This process is terrifying,” says my friend. This was after their listing agent advised them the offer they have on their house is contingent on a satisfactory inspection report.

Selling your house in Roanoke should not be terrifying but in this case he has good reason to be concerned. They have had the house on the market for several months and this is their first offer. This offer came only after they dropped the price a fair amount to generate new interest. Not only that, but they had to relocate last month for him to start his new job.

Even in a seller’s market, like we currently have, buyers are still selective and they expect many things to be repaired or upgraded before they will proceed. An inspection report will surely reveal many opportunities on my friend’s older home and sadly they do not have the funds to offer many or any concessions to the potential buyers.

Now you, or someone you may know, could be in a similar situation. That’s why Journey Properties exists. We really do remove the “terrifying” aspect of any real estate transaction. Let me explain.

First, the terrifying part in going the traditional route:

  • Real estate agents are just trying to sell your house by listing it on the MLS.
  • A typical listing agreement will range from 3 to 6 months. Yes, that means you are paying all the utilities, insurance and mortgage during that time.
  • An agent will usually provide a list of things for you to repair/renovate to get it sold. Or in other words, make it easier for them to sell.
  • Part of making a house show well is either removing some personal belongings or staging a house.
  • Making your property available for showings at the convenience of the potential buyers.

Ok, now the not so terrifying route of selling your house in Roanoke with Journey Properties:

  • We are not trying to sell your house. We are buying your house and we partner with other local home buyers too.
  • There is no listing agreement and we have closed in as little as 9 working days.
  • We do not expect you to make any upgrades or repairs. None.
  • You can leave every shred of your personal belongings in your house. No joke. Even if it is stacked to the ceiling.
  • Once we have evaluated the house and entered into contract we start moving toward closing. There is never a “showing”.

So as you can see there are obvious differences in selling through the traditional route versus going with a home buyer such as Journey Properties. Take the time to consider your options and feel free to contact us for a no obligation offer.

And back to my friend. He waits. The yet to be completed inspection will tell them where they go from here with their offer. In the meantime his mortgage and rent are coming due. Terrifying indeed.

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